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Military on a cold January morning. All three horses were watching the horses in the front paddock get fed twice a day, while they went without. The boards of their paddock where eaten. They had no shelter and no water. The rainrot all three horses had was unimagineable.

Please let us remember Military Miss only 4 years old. She was in the field with Terms of Endearment and Harmony Queen. The owner said she was down because she needed calicium. I don't think so. 

Sanctuary Horses

Cookie was rescued from New Holland auction in 2003. Too weak to walk Cookie was lifted into the trailer as a 3month old weanline. Exhausted, Cookie came to the rescue with her 4 month old pature mate Champ. Champ was adopted but through the years Cookie remained. She is now 15, blind in her left eye, and honestly not always the brightest but she is a beautiful sweet girl. She will live out her days here at the rescue. 

Chachi came from New Holland auction in 2003. He was reported to be 6 at the time. He had gone to the auction with three other arabians. Two weanlings and an older mare. The other three were confiscated due to neglect and held for TEAR to pick up. Chachi had been already purchased and was in the kill pen. We were able to purchase him from the kill pen for $125.00. Chachi was unrideable and had trust issues. Chachi has remained here through the years and now at the age of 19 will remain in sanctuary. 

Ultimately came to me as a 9 year old from Rosecroft Raceway. Donated by his caring owner. Ultimately was no longer sound and the owner did not want to send him to auction. Ulty was adopted out but was sent back after 10 years. While I hate to see a horse come back after so long, it is part of our contract. I want what's best for the horse and want them to come back instead of end up in the slaughter pipeline. Ultimately is not sound and remains in sanctuary. He is positively the slowest horse I have ever seen in my life and ambles in for breakfast and dinner. I guess he knows he will get fed no matter how slow he is! He is now 25 years old. 

Miracle was born at TEAR 10/18/1998. She was born out of our very first rescue horses purchased 10/12/1998. For my birthday I wanted to go rescue some horses and had started the rescue but had not acquired horses yet. Up to New Holland I went with some good friends. There was a little gaited emaciated mare with a large hernia that went through the ring. I purchased her for $350.00. I bought her and three other horses. That was a Monday night, concerned the mare might be in foal because her bag was dripping, I had the vet out that Friday to palpate her. Per vet at the time, "Nope not in foal, probably dripping because they weanded the foal. You're lucky because with this large hernia she could die if she gave birth." I walked out that Sunday morning (2 days later) to find a little spotted baby in the pasture. Miracle became our logo.  She will be 20 this year. She has cushings disease and requires daily medication.  

Captain - early 20's gelding purchased at auction in NJ. He has a weakness in his front legs. We may end up listing him for adoption but for now he is listed as a sanctuary horse. He is easy to handle but can get bonded to his pasturemates and will worry himself when he can't be with them. He has great ground manners, good for the farrier, and for the dentist. 

Native is a BLM stallion foaled in 1995 that was captured from Fish Creek Nevada when he was four years old. Blind in his left eye, Native has a huge flight instinct. Who can blame him? When we first acquired Native many years ago, we immediately sent him to a trainer in Westminster, Maryland that specialized in mustangs. He used the round penning technique. My requirements for training were: I want to lead him, get him gelded and be able to trim his feet.  8 months later I received the call to come pick him up. Epic fail on all accounts. Native learned "hey if I dont do what you want, you make me run in circles. So how about I just run in circles now?" Smart guy. He prefers someone to work close with him. Native will let me groom him, give him vaccines (have to be quick), and I deworm him by feed. He did allow me to bandage his right front leg when he injured himself but other than that nada. He wears his feet down and is quite content with his pasture life. He is now 23 and has no complaints. 

Al Dante - Al Danted came to us from an older woman that was getting ready to go to a nursing facility. Her husband had since passed. She wanted to donate Al Dante and another horse to us.  Her husband had thought so much of the horse, that after Dante had a break to his left leg during a racing incident he lovingly rehabbed the horse. Now that her husband was gone and she was going into a facility she could bear the thought of the horse being euthanized. How could I say no? Al Dante was still a stallion when he was donated. We took care of that before he came. I had the vet out upon his arrival to the farm for evaluation for comfort. As we stood watching the big black gelding trot away from us, the decision was clear. Yes he was crippled and his leg bent and knee huge, but he is comfortable. Al Dante is now 25 and has his harem of crippled girls Chichi (pictured) and Belle. 

Chichi - This little girl was purchased at an auction to use for breeding. Chichi had an old break to her hip and clearly could not be used for breeding as her little body is twisted. She was donated to TEAR and we took her to New Bolton to have her evaluated. She was only four years old. I was told Chichi would never be able to run, play, lay down, and dont ever put her out in inclement weather. They said the break was old, probably an injury from when she was a foal.  Chichi had learned to adapt and she can do everything they stated she would never be able to do! Don't anyone tell her different! The only time she finds life difficult is when we get her feet trimmed. Thank goodness I have an understanding farrier that takes his time with her. Even though I have had her for years, she has always remained skittish. It is amazing how her first four years made such an impression on her where people are concerned even though I have had her the majority of her life now. 

Happy Appy - aged Appy mare brought to auction in her mid 20's. She is blind in her left eye and partially blind in her right eye. She has settled in nicely here and is out with a small herd of one large gelding and three ponies. She knows the routine very well. I would consider letting her go to a forever home as she is very sweet and loves attention. She settles in quickly but would need a buddy.  

These are just a few of our sanctuary horses.  All of them great in their own way!  Some are abuse cases, some suffer from permanent injuries, and others are in their golden years overlooked by people who wanted younger horses.  I personally LOVE older horses!  They have been there and done that!  The old folks at TEAR (25+ and retired) are living out their days here on the farm.  They are still in need of your help though!  Any donation is very much appreciated! 

Please click below to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

Cookie - She would love to have someone of her own that will be patient and devote the time to her. She is blind in one eye and is a bit flighty but as you can see is curious and loving.