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Military on a cold January morning. All three horses were watching the horses in the front paddock get fed twice a day, while they went without. The boards of their paddock where eaten. They had no shelter and no water. The rainrot all three horses had was unimagineable.

Please let us remember Military Miss only 4 years old. She was in the field with Terms of Endearment and Harmony Queen. The owner said she was down because she needed calicium. I don't think so. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I adopt a resuce horse?
    The adoption process is really quite simple. Complete a TEAR adoption application for the horse/horses of your choice. The application will be reviewed, references contacted, and if everything looks good a site visit will be scheduled. Compatiblity between horse and adopter is of utmost importance.

  • Are the horses free?
    No the horses are not free. TEAR does require an adoption fee which helps defray costs of caring for the horses. The fee varies depending on the horse but all are very reasonable.

  • What if the horse doesn't work out?
    If for ANY reason you find your new horse is not working out call TEAR immediately to make arrangement to return the horse. All horses go out with a trial period ranging from 30 - 60 days depending on the horse. If for any reason you think it is not a good match, the horse may be returned during that time period and the fee returned in full. After the trial period the fee will not be returned.

  • Can I sell the horse?
    TEAR horses may not be sold. All horses go out with a signed contract stating the horses may not be leased, sold, or bred. If for any reason, you find you can no longer care for the horse it is to be returned to TEAR. Our number one concern is the care and safety of the horses.

  • Do you need volunteers?
    YES! TEAR can always use volunteers. There is always something to be done on the farm. The horses always need groomed or stalls cleaned.

  • Where can I send a donation?
    Donations of any kind can be sent to: TEAR, 869 Hartly Rd, Hartly, DE 19953 Monetary donations also may be made using the link below.

Please click below to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

Cookie - She would love to have someone of her own that will be patient and devote the time to her. She is blind in one eye and is a bit flighty but as you can see is curious and loving.