Military Miss - only four years old. Read her story on our FB page.

Military on a cold January morning. All three horses were watching the horses in the front paddock get fed twice a day, while they went without. The boards of their paddock where eaten. They had no shelter and no water. The rainrot all three horses had was unimagineable.

Please let us remember Military Miss only 4 years old. She was in the field with Terms of Endearment and Harmony Queen. The owner said she was down because she needed calicium. I don't think so. 


All of TEAR's horses are adopted with a trial period.  Depending on each horses circumstances trial periods range from 30 - 60 days.  If at the end of the trial period for any reason the adopted horse is not working out the adoption fee is refunded.  It is important that both parties are relaxed and happy with the new partnership.  We understand that sometimes things just dont work out. TEAR horses may not be leased, sold, or bred.  If you have any questions about adoption or fostering, please email  Visits to the farm are by appointment only.

Lucy - 18 year old 15.2 TB mare purchaesd from Moore's feedlot in January 2016. She rode real well in her video at Moores. She rode western and neck reined beautifully. She did everything asked of her. She arrived here in poor condition and I have done nothing with her other than feed her and love on her. She is ready for a home of her own. In this picture I saddled her up after two years and she could have cared less.  She has not been ridden but I'm sure she would be fine. Hopefully soon I will be able climb up on her and get some under saddle pics. It can be difficult when I'm the only person here.  She does crib. She is not herd bound and would be a great horse to take out by herself. 

Sonny - 6 year old mule gelding. He is about 13.3 hands. He was from an auction house in NJ and was sold as a gelding. Much to our surprise he was still intact! He has since been gelded and is doing well. He was sold as green broke to ride and drive. We have a video of someone sitting on him but have not evaluated him for riding. How adorable would he be as a riding mule? Sonny is afraid of whips. He is a sweet boy and is not spooky other than with whips. He is a sweet boy and would love a family of his own. Adoption fee $500.00. Horses may not be leased, sold, or re-homed in any fashion. 

Astro - aged pacing gelding. Thought to be in his 20's. This horse is incredibly sweet. He would love a home of his own to finish out his golden years. He loves attention and loves to be groomed. He would make a great companion.  He came incredibly thin has been a challenge to get weight on but it's finally coming. He recently got his teeth done so hopefully that was the push he needed. Adoption fee $400.00. 

We constantly hear of horses in need of homes but unfortunately cannon take them all in because of space limitations and funding.  If you are looking for a horse or interested in fostering please contact us.  There are a lot of great horses out there in need! 

Please click below to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

Cookie - She would love to have someone of her own that will be patient and devote the time to her. She is blind in one eye and is a bit flighty but as you can see is curious and loving.