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Tri-State Equine Adoption & Rescue, Inc.

All of TEAR's horses are adopted with a trial period.  Depending on each horse's circumstances trial periods range from 30 - 60 days.  If, at the end of the trial period, for any reason the adopted horse is not working out the adoption fee is refunded.  It is important that both parties are relaxed and happy with the new partnership.  We understand that sometimes things just dont work out. TEAR horses may not be leased, sold, or bred.  If you have any questions about adoption or fostering, please email  Visits to the farm are by appointment only.

This gorgeous girl is Fire (Homefire). She is a 16 yr, 16.0h TB mare. She is super sweet, loves people, is currently low man on the totem pole since she has come to the rescue, but does get anxious when she is separated from her new friends. With a little time, she quiets down and understands it's time for work. She rode nicely at the walk and we will try her at the trot after another ride or two. The rider gave her a nice relaxed ride and kept it quiet. We don't know when the last time she was ridden but she was very good. We were told she was shown, but do not know her show history. 

Check out her riding video:

Mazikeen is currently under evaluation. She is about 17-18 years old. She was part of a neglect case. 

This little cutie came from a neglectful situation. She is about 13.3hh and approx 12 years old. We don't have any history on her. Not even her name so we are calling her Mia. She tends to be a little nervous but is very sweet. She tacked up easily but we have not tried her under saddle yet.  Isn't she beautiful?! She is currently under evaluation. 

Talk about a SWEET little mare. She tacked up beautifully and stood perfect. Nothing fazes her. I was working the day my volunteer Macey tacked her up, so she hasn't been ridden yet. She came from a neglectful situation so we don't have any history on her, not even her name. We have been calling her Betty for now. She is about 14hh and about 12 years old. She is under evaluation. 

Meet Chip and Dale. They both had been horribly neglected. They were loocked in a stall for most of their lives and did not receive farrier care. Chip is very willing and is easy to handle. Dale is a bit tougher. I love him dearly but he would not be safe for children. He will kick and is not good for the farrier but this will improve with time. These two have been together for 17 years and are in their 20's. 

SkipJack is a 16.2, Coming 3 year old OTTB gelding. He is as sweet as they come! He has been on rest for the past 3 months for a tendon tear. He stands perfect for the farrier. I have never had a horse stand that perfect! He didn't move a muscle. He cannot be put into work until he has an ultrasound. Please check out his video using the link below.

Smalls was found wandering with another pig that escaped capture. He was on the loose for quite sometime with his buddy. He was untouchable when he came but will now let me pet him and love on him a little. Pigs are very smart and very sensitive. Poor guy was chased for a while so was has been leary of people. Nice to see him finally coming out of his shell. This guy is very cute with his four white legs. If you would like to offer him a home please email or message the rescue. 

Snoop Hoggy Hog is a potbellied pig looking for his forever home. He is not neutered. We have a difficult time in this area finding someone to neuter adult pigs. 

Wilbur is about 5 years old. He is a mixed breed unneutered pig. His size is intimidating but he is super sweet, loves scratches, and bathing in his pool. 

Pig Squeak is about 9 months old. He is a neutered pot bellied pig. He is an indoor/outdoor pig. He sleeps on my side porch at night and spends most of his days in my backyard. He would love to have a home of his own. 

Please click below to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

869 Hartly Rd., Hartly, DE, 19953
Phone: 302.492.0492


Visits by appointment only please 

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